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photo credit Ellen Huerta Photography

I'm Jonelle.

I'M THE GIRL BEHIND THE CAMERA. I LAY ON THE GROUND TO GET THE PERFECT SHOT. I MAKE TERRIBLE JOKES. AND GENERALLY EMBARRASS MYSELF. I LIKE TAKING/MAKING/CREATING PHOTOGRAPHS. I MEAN... I REEEEALLY LIKE TO. Before I ever picked up a camera, as a child,  I would lie on the floor surrounded by my family’s photos, Trying to relive the memories of the people that meant the most to me. And trying to get to know those I never got a chance to meet. When I shoot a wedding or session I imagine your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren looking at your albums dreaming of who you were in this moment. THis is why i capture your memories. 

Five Things...

I have 5 crazy little girls that are determined to drive me bonkers!

I have a wonderful hubby that I am determined to drive bonkers!!!

I love tea...hot tea, iced tea, black tea, green tea...SWEET tea! (Coffee's Not too shabby either!)

I have an unexplainable irrational fear of WORMS. Eww!

I am the definition of a Sagittarius.


For Glimpses into my Day and sessions be sure to follow me on IG @jtonkinphotography